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Taurus Renovations Ltd Commercial & Residential expertise and services

Taurus Renovations Ltd grew and developed through knowledge, experience and passion for creative projects becoming reality. In the last 15 years performing through all the stages of renovation and home building services, in the Lower Mainland area, they established strong and stable relationship with all their clients. Working in homes or on commercial locations, makes no difference, since Taurus Reno have the experience and expertise to do a great job for you, on any level of engagement.

When your home or office need a breath of new life infused, call Taurus Renovations Ltd and let them help you make your home or office look beautiful and enjoyable!

Wide range of Taurus Reno Expertise and Services

Home renovation services offered are fully comprehensive, all areas covered, with top professionals looking after every detail of your project:

• Project Management on the highest level

• Residential/ Commercial/Insurance Cleanup and Restorations

• Demolition and disposal of materials

• All types of repairs and installations

• Hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, and carpet installations

• Unfinished hardwood floor installations, on site sanding and finishing, custom staining, stair refinishing and detailing

• Countertops installation (arborite, marble, cultured stone etc.)

• Kitchen cabinets installation

• Sub floor prep, concrete levelling

• Tiling with precision and fine detailing

• Drywall installation and repair

• Framing with laser guidance

• Decks of all kinds, shapes and materials

• Baseboard and shoe base installations, crown moulding installation

• Doors installation and fitting

• Locks and hardware installation and adjustments

• Painting and designer finishing

• Maintenance services

• Plumbing and restoration of plumbing systems

• Electrical with readjusting to the new standards

• Landscaping

Should you need complete refurbishing and remodelling of your house or just a small home renovation, we are here in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland to offer our services, proudly knowing where we stand as experts in our trade. Give us a call at 604.767.3338 or send an Email to: and we will discuss and analyze your project requirements, provide you with an comprehensive estimate and start working as soon as possible, with a passion in carrying out a project to the letter.


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