Taurus Renovations Ltd is formed in 1995 when Alex Starcevic arrived on the beautiful Vancouver’s North Shore, and made it a home with his family and his business. The whole family, wife Nada, daughter Tamara, son Filip, and Alex himself, immediately fell in love with Vancouver’s welcoming, kind people, and pristine nature right there in their back yard.

Business grew fast, from kitchen and bathroom remodelling, then full house renovations, to today’s full spectrum building of commercial projects, doctor’s offices, and his favourite, dental offices (he has a great smile : )). Alex shares his busy business schedule with his passion of long walks with their two dogs, Lucy and Leo, and mountain biking rides through amazing forests of British Columbia. Positive energy infused through the contact with  nature is obvious in everything Alex does though his demanding projects, caring for clients and his staff as well. For Alex, every detail is important throughout every project, from quality of materials used, following clients wishes to the word, immaculate precision in work, to the following of the builders code in the construction process. Alex’s intent is to help build ecologically friendly future of Vancouver and British Columbia, through the use of new materials and technologies.

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